Outside School Hours Care

Outside School Hours Care

Outside School Hours Care

Our outside school hours care program provides your child with a safe place to relax and wind down with their friends after an active day of learning.

If your child has homework to complete, we offer a quiet space where our qualified educators can guide them with any support they may need. They will enjoy free choice of a range of age-appropriate activities including board games, sporting games, arts and crafts, books and sometimes even cooking activities.

There is a real sense of family, with some children having started their learning journey with us as infants. Not only does outside school hours care offer convenience for you, it allows siblings to stay close and enjoy interacting with each other and everyone in the centre. Your child will also learn valuable life skills by assisting with food prep and helping little ones.

Our outside of school hours care program provides care for the Granville State School children and runs from 6:30am to 8:30am each morning, and from 3:00pm to 6:30pm in the afternoon. In this zone the routine is fun, the children help us set up activities for the smaller children, we walk them to and from school and they take part in loads of free play. Most recently, the children have shown a real interest in origami and paper craft. We also encourage the children to complete their homework during this time.

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